Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Return to Normalcy

This is a quick check-in post to announce my return to blogging. The blog you are currently viewing will remain as is and will predominately be what it was originally intended to be - a blog about running, life, and everything in-between. I don't want to pigeon-hole this blog into one specific topic, so I will attempt to keep this blog strictly compliant to the topics listed in the previous sentence. I have a lot (and sometimes very little) to say about the world around me from a day-to-day standpoint that pertains in no way to my love of cardio. Not to mention, I have recently found a small love for weight training that I would like to talk about from time to time - and when I say small I would stress the word small. Still, I am making an attempt to at least maintain my somewhat lean muscle structure and not so much build upon it. So far, so good. Things like that, running recaps, product reviews, and whatever random goings-on will grace your oculars when they peruse these here posts.

As for the somewhat creative tilt that was once found on this blog, I have set up another blog for my more creative wanderings. That blog can be found here: Escaping Samsara. For the most part this blog will contain my original poetry, but snippets of short stories in progress may also meander onto this little section of the blogosphere. There is already one new piece to view there now. I may also continue to compose musically inspired prose like I attempted to do on this blog.

Anyway, that's where all this is now and where it will be for the foreseeable future. Hopefully I will stay a tad more motivated with this separation of creative powers. I became a bit stressed with the old format and blogging for friends and family should never be stressful; it should always be personally constructive and fun. I have been enjoying jotting down my thoughts and poetry in journals over the last few months, but I have missed the sharing aspect of my blog. What good is creating anything if  it is never shared? For me it's not very good at all.

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